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Become a Super Bidder for the Children's Auction and never miss at item!

Become a Super Bidder for the Children‘s Auction and never miss an item you've been waiting on!

  • See all the future boards as soon as they are released

  • Bid on future items and boards before they open - including Max Bids

  • Submit your Max Bid for any and all Items and the system will automatically bid incrementally up to your maximum.

  • See how many bidders are competing with you for that special item

  • Enjoy expedited VIP check-out and pick-up service

  • Be proud that you are supporting the auction through a challenging year and ensuring necessities and opportunities for children in the Lakes Region!

If this sounds appealing then you can become a Super Bidder for $100! Go here to register now and support the Auction now while seeing items as they are entered!


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