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Greater Lakes Region Children's Auction receives the highest level rating, Platinum Transparency

The Greater Lakes Region Children's Auction is proud to announce we have attained the top level rating, which is Platinum, for a second year in a row, from The Foundation Center, the largest source of information about philanthropy globally, and GuideStar was the largest source of information on U.S. nonprofit organizations. In 2019, the two organizations joined forces to become Candid, enabling them to enhance the services they offer to the millions of people who rely on them to help them make the world a better place.

Through data, research, and their collective experience, Candid provides users with the knowledge they need to make strategic decisions and develop practical solutions to achieve their missions.

The GuideStar database makes it easier to understand nonprofits and what they do. They support ongoing learning and research by sharing the sector’s collective knowledge on IssueLab while also producing their own research. Through Glasspockets they provide the data, resources, examples, and action steps foundations need to understand the value of transparency and be more open in their own communications. They work closely with organizations around the globe to assist them in collecting and organizing their region’s philanthropy data by sharing what they have learned about data acquisition and data architecture. The CF Insights program is the leader in data collection and research for the community foundation field in the U.S. with a reputation for benchmarking and analysis of trends. To look at the Greater Lakes Region Children's Auction profile on Guidestar/Candid, please click here. Thank you for your ongoing support! Please forward any questions to


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