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Thank You Lakes Region!!

It's official! Our record has been shattered! The final number is $580,584! The 37th annual Greater Lakes Region Children Auction has come to a close. What a year! A humble, heartfelt and most appreciative THANK YOU goes out to all in the greater Lakes Region and beyond for every bit of help, big or small. There is no community more full of love and generosity than ours!

The Pub Mania event hosted by the Beetle's and Patrick's Pub in Gilford raised an unbelievable $353,361 this year!

Contributors gave almost 2,161 items, local businesses generously gave time and money, and when all was said and done, we had raised $580,584 together for local children's charities. The need is so great, but it is not greater than the hearts within our community who make the magic happen every year! Together, we help so many, and we are proud to continue making a difference. THANK YOU!!!


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