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WinniOpoly offer to Benefit Children’s Auction by Community Challenge Tagg Team

GILFORD - With Father’s Day fast approaching and family gatherings and celebrations planned this summer, Community Challenge Tagg Team is offering a way to pick up a fun game that the whole family will enjoy while supporting local kids and families.

For a $10 donation to the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction, a $10 discount coupon for the Lake Winnipesaukee board game “WinniOpoly” is available. Similar to the ever popular Monopoly game, this special edition game features 30 businesses and stops around the Lakes Region. The purchase price of the game with the discount coupon is $49.95 and is only available at Gilford Country Store, Nahamsha Gifts in Meredith and Live Love Lake in Wolfeboro.

WinniOpoly discount coupons will be available after the weekly shuffles at Patrick’s Pub on Wednesdays through June 9 from Tagg Team members. Coupons can also be mailed to interested Children’s Auction supporters. To purchase your coupon, contact Tagg Team Captain Judi Taggart at 603-493-9524; or email; or go to Tagg Team on Give Gab and make a $10 donation online with “WinniOpoly” under comments. You will be contacted and your coupon will be mailed.


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