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The Greater Lakes Region Children's Auction has been blessed with considerable growth over the years and with it, a greater responsibility to distribute funding in a way that will benefit our community with maximum impact.

For first time applicants, set up an account and for past applicants, you should use the same log in as the past year. Please submit your online application no later than October 15, 2024. You will be asked to choose which category best describes your needs; you are able to apply for multiple grants in different categories if appropriate. Grant recipients will be notified by February 28th, 2024..


  • To fund local non-profit organizations that provide basic needs to area children. This will include but not limited to food, clothing, shelter, and hygienic needs.


  • To provide operational funding to nonprofit organizations that work to eliminate or mitigate the need for basic and extended services for children.


  • To fund capital initiatives that improve the lives of children or enhance the ability of agencies to deliver their services.


  • To fund those agencies that have an Educational/Recreational aspect to provide a service to children in the Lakes Region in which the child may not be able to afford otherwise.

In addition to the requested information, we may schedule an on-site interview with your Executive Director and Board Chair/President. We may also select two board members for phone interviews. You will receive notification of the site visit date and time if applicable.

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