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Mission & Story

Our mission is to engage the community to financially support local children and families in need with a vision to ensure that every child is empowered to succeed and positively impact a thriving Greater Lakes Region community.


The Greater Lakes Region Charitable Fund for Children is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps community organizations in the Central New Hampshire region. All donations are tax-deductible. 


The fundraiser that made $2,100 in 1982, has come a long way with the help of countless volunteers and donors. Today we have numerous fundraising events in the Lakes Region throughout the year that all support the Auction, including our four-day event every December. In the past four decades we have distributed more than $8 million to over 80 nonprofits that serve low-income families and children in the Lakes Region.

Annual December Auction

The Greater Lakes Region Children's Auction is an annual event held every December in central New Hampshire. The fundraiser made $2,100 in its first year and has come a long way with the help of countless volunteers and donors who have helped turn it into a major campaign on an annual basis. Over the 40 years that the community has come together, over $8 million dollars has been raised for local charities, all through volunteer efforts, community donations and corporate sponsorships. 


Local companies support the Greater Lakes Region Children's Auction by providing cash donations, sponsorships, and staff, allowing employees to serve the community at the event during what would normally be work hours. 


The Auction has more than 700 hundred volunteers and collects thousands of donated auction items from the community. The Auction buzzes with activity as phone bank volunteers cheer at over-bids. Items at the auction range from gift certificates to local businesses, sports collectibles, concert and sport tickets, autographed memorabilia, furniture, vacations, home décor, children's toys, electronics and great holiday gifts.


Everything is donated; phone service, lights, auction items, computers, the location where we hold the auction; all donated! Even the food is donated by local restaurants which provide meals for the all-volunteer staff throughout the week. 

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