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A big thanks to Kate Lilly for all the creative work you have done to help the Children's Auction!

Kate from Lilly Designs is thrilled to help the Community Challenge and the Children's Auction year after year. Kate shares, "Gilford was home to my beloved childhood and for the last 12 years I have made it home again. After living in many other states throughout the country, my heart was always in the Lakes Region and I can't imagine a better community to be a part of. I feel fortunate to be able to offer my time and support for my neighbors and I am proud to be a part of the Children's Auction and their mission. I look forward to the continued partnership for years to come. It's for the kids!" Thanks for always generously lending a hand!

Lilly Designs provides virtual design assistance and a wide array of branding expertise. Professional support is provided in marketing, graphic design and brand development. Lilly Designs assists you in achieving your business goals by providing quality work at the highest level of efficiency while helping you reduce your work load and overhead. If you need a true professional contact Kate at Thanks for being a Children's Auction Champion and always lending a hand!


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