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A Path Resorts Vacation Sweepstakes Benefiting Children In the Lakes Region

Path Resorts presents a Vacation Sweepstakes with proceeds directly benefiting the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction. To enter click here.

With three unique and complimentary hotels, Steele Hill Resort, the Summit Resort and the Center Harbor Inn, Path Resorts offers a gateway to vacations in the Lakes Region. This year the organization has decided to give back to the community with a high-value sweepstakes designed to benefit charities and organizations that offer the most support to local families and children in need. Our boutique hotels leverage the natural beauty of the area and we deliver our exceptional hospitality experience through the efforts of our employees who live in the Lakes Region. Along with a chance to win the major prizes, each entrant will also receive a 25% discount code valid for use at our flagship property, Steele Hill Resort, good for use through the 2021 calendar year. (Limited blackouts apply, booking window closes December 31st) Thanks for being a long time supporter of the Children's Auction.


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