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Advantage Kids and their impact!

Sometimes, gratitude is more important than The Ask. Advantage Kids hosted an intimate, outdoor donor and board appreciation at the beautiful Gilmanton Tavern last Thursday to appreciate the people who make their programs possible. A heartwarming video, open bar, and delicious food were their offerings to donors who have collectively given $100,000 to the organization. The executive directors spoke about the programs and beneficiaries, staying on-message that the event was to appreciate, rather than to Ask. The evening was moving, with many people wiping away tears and making verbal commitments to continue their generosity - despite the lack of obvious fundraising activities. Creating community looks like a lot of things in the world of nonprofits, as Advantage Kids illustrated by bringing people together with their peers in a low-pressure, good-vibes, good-food kind of way. Go to their website to learn more about how you can get involved.

Advantage Kids' mission is to provide a rich learning environment for children, particularly underserved children, that merges athletic skills with academic skills to produce values and knowledge they will use throughout their lives. Specifically, Advantage Kids educates through tennis, whereby our coaches, mentors, and educators assist children with reading, writing, math, coding, as well as improving their communication skills.


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