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Easter Egg Hunt on April 16 at 1:30pm hosted by Juggernaut Fitness Challenge Team

The hunt will begin promptly at 1:30pm. You and your child(ren) can arrive and sign in as early as 1pm. Upon arrival, a waiver will need to be signed and payment will be accepted via cash or Venmo! A portion of our proceeds will be donated to the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction. Your kids will be helping other kids!!

We will release children by age group. 2-year-olds will go first, then 3 years, then 4 years - each with a 3-minute gap between start times. We will have 500 eggs spread throughout our 5000 square foot facility (and possibly outside depending on weather) for your children to find!

When the hunt is over (estimated by 2pm), your child(ren) will have the remainder of the time to explore and have fun at our facility! This includes a bouncy house, an obstacle course (or two!), face painting, a parachute game, and more!

Please join us for an awesome afternoon! See you soon! For more info call 603-527-8021 or email

To sign the waiver for you and your child(ren) ahead of time, here is the link.


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