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Gilda's Club is looking for a home!

Gilda's Club of New Hampshire is looking for a space that would be a good clubhouse, but because of the shortage in real estate they are having difficulty finding one. They need a building of about 2500 square feet and parking space for about 20 cars. A “home-like” setting is preferable, but they are open to other options, if necessary. They are open to renting or buying a small building in the Laconia area. If you have any ideas of connections please reach out to Pat at

Gilda’s Club New Hampshire offers free programs and services for men, women, and children impacted by cancer. Their innovative program Is an essential complement to medical care, providing support groups, healthy living workshops, educational programs, and social activities, all free of charge. They are working to open a home is the Lakes region area so no one faces cancer alone.


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