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GOT LUNCH! Campton-Thornton begins summer program

Friday June 26- GOT LUNCH! ended their weekend bag program.  

In total they gave away 510 bags of food. Amazing! The last bags included fresh heads of lettuce donated by Serendipity Farms in Campton and $20.00 dollar gift cards to Market Basket donated by several local supporters. The families were so appreciative!

They started their summer program on Monday June 29.  Working out of Campton Congregational Church they packed and delivered food, following social distancing guidelines, to 70 local children from 32 families.  Barbara Coonan shared, "We're lucky to have experienced volunteers helping out and we're thankful that the church has allowed us to use their space every summer for the past 8 years."

Next Monday, there are 74 children from 35 families signed up.  The summer programs runs on Mondays through August 17.

If you know families who need help feeding their kids, please have them contact  GOT LUNCH! Campton- Thornton is for all school aged kids living in Campton, Thornton, Ellsworth and Waterville Valley.

They can help kids because of your support and they said the continued generosity of individuals, local businesses, and charitable organizations is amazing.  


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