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“Journey with Gertie!” Offers One-of-a-Kind Experience and it is on the Children's Auction block

Sneak Preview of some of the Children's Auction items we have already!

Community Challenge Tagg Team has scored a one-of-a-kind experience for the Children’s Auction. The high bidder in December will delight during a 2-hour "Journey with Gertie" party. A vintage 1971 VW bus, Gertie will visit your Lakes Region location, offering mobile, photo booth pictures and fun craft activities for your guests. Gertie may be vintage, but her photo booth is about as high tech as it gets!

Jacci Dale, Main Bus Pilot, and Gertie’s staff will set up the tables, signs and decorations for your next corporate event, retirement party, backyard gathering, wedding, or just because you want to make everyone smile!

Grab some props out of the old suitcases and watch laughter explode as your friends and co-workers climb into the old bus with wigs, funny glasses, hats, beards and boas. After a short countdown the photo booth will snap pictures of you and your guests at your silliest moments. Printed photo strips will be immediately printed, using a high tech dye simulation printer, ensuring your photos won’t fade like an ink jet.

Dale shared, “We host themed get-togethers and crafting events built around the bus as a centerpiece. Paint parties are always a crowd favorite, offering both canvas and pre-burned wooden signs and boxes for the young at heart. Need to keep littler hands occupied? No problem! We love to entertain the kiddos with games, structured or free form crafts, painting wooden round ornaments, or making a necklace or bracelet. We offer many fun ways to keep little hands busy and they love going home with the beautiful piece of artwork they made!”

The “Journey with Gertie” gift certificate will be a popular bid item at the Dec 6-9 Children’s Auction. Be sure to bid high to win this wonderful experience, then connect with Jacci Dale to book your party date and make your special event something everyone will remember.


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