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Juggernaut Fitness Raise the Run on July 3

Juggernaut Fitness presents the FIRST annual RAISE THE RUN!

Juggernaut Fitness is proud to take measures to benefit local charities, with one of our primaries being the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction! Register here!

You may have heard of the annual fundraising event, Raise the Bar, that Juggernaut Fitness has been hosting for the last 6 years! They have decided to extend this into a 5k open to ALL! Any age, any member of the community who wants to help, come join this fun walk/run for the KIDS!! (Don’t worry, the usual Raise the Bar event will be back this fall)

As the event date gets closer, we will continue to make more announcements, but for now, you can expect some raffles, water, shirts, and snacks! DEADLINE TO GUARANTEE SHIRT SIZE AND AVAILABILITY: 6/15; Registration closes 6/25

Most importantly, this event is going to be FUN, SAFE and COVID friendly!

They will be following the state recommended guidelines for outdoor events like this very closely. For your comfort, please read the below information regarding COVID protocols (subject to change as guidelines change):

Starting Line

1. “Mass Starts” are allowable where all participants have enough space to remain at least 6 feet apart. We will stagger you based on your average mile time (if you know it) to help create spacing on the road. On-course, participants are encouraged to pass and remain at least 6’ apart to the best of their abilities.

2. There will be a separate start and finish line.

Post-Race Areas

1. Participant Results shall be displayed on touch less displays via TV screens, published on the internet, or sent to participants’ mobile devices or Apps. We will be doing our best to get all your information available directly to your phone via an app!

2. All staff/volunteers will wear face coverings during the event. Post event food and drink should be pre-packaged and made available as a “grab and go” option. If not available, lines will be marked for 6’ apart while waiting.


1. Check-in procedures will avoid physical contact between event staff and participants.

2. Staff, volunteers and participants will wear cloth face coverings at check-in.

3. Waiting lines and areas of congregation must be avoided as best as possible.

4. Areas will be clearly marked for people to wait/stand so that people are 6 feet or more distanced from others and must wear masks.

Aid Stations

1. Participants are encouraged to carry their own water or nutrition while participating such as hand-held water bottles, camelbacks, waist packs, or bike rack bottles. We will provide a water station for a quick grab and go option where needed!

2. Trash receptacles will be provided at the water and food stop locations and will also be placed throughout the event.


1. Spectators may attend the event. However, spectators must follow physical distancing guidance and remain spaced 6 feet or more apart and may not approach racing participants.

2. No physical contact between participants and/or spectators with each other (i.e. no high-fives).

Stay tuned for more announcements, updates and the LIVE sign up link! Save the date July 3rd! For more information visit their Facebook event page!


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