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Nominate people for our Acts of Kindness Celebration

Need some ideas?

  • I nominate Shannon Buttermore for the tremendous generosity in the rainbow signs that helped spread the word and raised money for the Got Lunch programs. They were so inspiring and helped raise money to feed so many local kids.

  • I nominate the Cereal Hero's for never skipping a beat and always putting others before themselves! The Cereal Hero's were at it again this week and they collected 18 bags of non perishable food items! Thank you so much for always supporting others and for all the other awesome things you do for our community!

  • I nominate the owner of Osteria Poggio, Kaylon Sweet, who has been doing community meals to go for those in need since COVID. Even when his business was hit hard, his focus was on the community. He has been a shining light during some of our most challenging days this year during the pandemic even though his business was negatively impacted.


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