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Sponsor Spotlight: Irwin Marine

Irwin Marine has a deep history in the Lakes Region and has always been community minded. That community connection can be seen today in their involvement as a sponsor of the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction.


Maddie Simoni of Irwin’s sees the Children’s Auction making a difference by starting a waterfall of positivity in the Lakes Region. She says Irwin Marine wants to be a part of the Auction community working together to benefit local families in need. Irwin’s involvement in the Auction has ranged from staffing the phone bank to an annual donation of a $1,000 kayak package as well as being an annual Bid Board Sponsor for years. Bill Irwin also served on the board as treasurer for two terms.


Boats have evolved significantly since 1919, when Jim Irwin started this third-generation business. One of the brands Irwin Marine carries, Yamaha, has a new feature making docking a breeze through a joystick that allows sideways movement to assist in docking or undocking. Simoni says it’s exciting to offer modern innovations within the friendly, small-town feel of the marina.


Boaters can find one-stop shopping at with sales, service, valet and rentals. There’s also a tab that explores the marina’s history at Weirs Beach, offering black-and-white photos from the early 1900s, and a look at how the Weirs evolved into a destination with Jim Irwin’s dedication.


The Children’s Auction thanks Irwin Marine for its ongoing support.


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