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Start Your Year off with A Health and Wellness!

MBS Elite Fitness has donated 10 memberships to the Children's Auction! "Our purpose is to better our community, and ultimately the world we live in, by helping each and every person within it, one by one." shared Thomas, owner of MBS Elite Fitness. Make sure you get one for yourself or a family member. Spread the word and give the gift of health and wellness. Each membership has a value of $330.

Why You Should Have A Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach 

1. A qualified personal trainer optimizes each workout for your goals.

Our personal training tailors each of your workouts in such a way as to force your body to adapt to the demands of each exercise in order to achieve your goal(s). Every body is unique, and so is yours, from genetics, past history, injuries, etc. We tailor each of your health and fitness workouts for your unique body in order to accomplish the greatest possible results and ultimately achieve the best workouts for you!

Each personal training client has specific a goal, and usually more than one. Different fitness goals require different exercises, workouts, and nutrition. For example, weight loss workouts are very different than muscle toning, bodybuilding, or strength training.  Also incorrect exercise and program selection can result in severe muscle imbalances.

We balance your bodies muscles during each and every workout, while still focusing on accomplishing your individual fitness goals. The old saying, “You are only as strong as your weakest link.” holds true for muscles and your body as well. If one muscle or joint is weaker with respect to the other connecting muscles, then that weaker muscle will hold you and your workouts back, and will make you stagnate and plateau, sometimes for years, and will often cause injury and/or chronic pain. We correct this balance through the efficient use of exercise selection and stretching. Our personal training will prevent this from happening to you and will allow you to accomplish each of your goals, while changing as your body does.

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