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Tapply Thompson Community Center 60 second update

The Tapply-Thompson Community Center program began in 1946 through the vision and hard work of A.B. Thompson and “Wink” Tapply who understood the importance of providing a safe and nurturing environment in which children and families could participate in recreational activities.  It has been enjoyed by thousands of people in the Newfound Lake area ever since.  The program was built on the philosophy that, “If one life is influenced for the good, it is money well spent”.  We are one of the only not-for-profit Recreation Centers in the State of New Hampshire and rely heavily on our community volunteers and donors to continue to meet the needs of our youth and adults.  We recognize that our Community Center needs to go beyond simply providing a place that keeps kids safe and off of the streets.  The TTCC has been designed to help youth develop life skills that will enable them to grow into productive adults with a strong sense of volunteerism.

The TTCC currently offers a diversified program of youth activities that include summer day camps, youth sports, after school programs, teen programs and special events.  Among the activities offered for adults are basketball, fitness classes, volleyball, badminton, archery, karate and the award winning ‘Shape Up Newfound’.

The TTCC is recognized throughout the State of NH as a model for rural recreation departments and has received a number of awards from the NH Recreation & Parks Association for outstanding programs and staff.  In addition the Community Center is the sponsor for the Cub Scout program in the Newfound Region and the building is used  by more than 20 local organizations for meetings, events and activities.

For more info go to TTCC website or visit them on Facebook.


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