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Update from Big Brothers Big Sisters

Brothers and Big Sisters have been providing necessary and urgent support, resources and connection with youth and families. They are already friends to their Littles, providing inspiration and defending potential, but they have also witnessed the Bigs going above and beyond.

They shared some great stories:

A Big Sister who dropped off groceries on the front steps of her Little’s home after learning both her parents were laid off from work.

A Big Brother connected with his Little Brother to play a rousing virtual game of Battleship.

Another Big Brother helped his Little Brother with his math homework.

A Big Sister connects virtually with her Little Sister so they can do their nails together and talk about the book they have both been reading.

And, Bigs, Littles, staff, board members and supporters from across the state came together over Zoom for an evening of music and community connection, raising more than $3,000 to support youth mentoring.

April is National Volunteer Month, and there’s nothing like those stories and so many more to remind us of the incredible impact volunteer mentors are making in our communities, now and for generations to come. Every single mentor in their program is a volunteer. Last year alone, they dedicated more than 35,000 hours to supporting kids. They still need more people to step up and volunteer to become Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Using technology, the team has shifted their work to recruiting, enrolling, matching and supporting volunteers and kids completely virtually. They continue to work to find Big Brothers and Big Sisters for the 240 youth waiting for a connection.

The two things they are in need of the most:

Bigs. You probably have the time, you don’t have to be perfect…you just have to be willing to share your interests with a kiddo at least 4 hours a month. We ask for a one year commitment since research shows us that long-term relationships make the biggest impact for kids.

Funding. They have moved numerous fundraisers and they don’t charge any fees for services. They fundraise our entire budget every. single. year. This proves to be even more of an uphill battle in the midst of a national crisis. They know everyone is struggling, some more than others, so they appreciate any amount you can give.

They are providing urgent and necessary check-ins with their most vulnerable youth during this time of isolation. They are there for our families to provide the necessary resources and support they need.


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