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Winn Aero Ace Academy has opened up career paths for campers!

I wanted to share two great emails from a participant at Winn Aero Ace Academy.

Dear Children's Auction,

Thank you so much for donating to ACE Academy!

I had so much fun and learned so much from attending ACE Academy Drone Camp. Going to this camp for years has opened so many career paths for me in aviation, mechanics, programming and entrepreneurship.

I especially enjoyed the field trips to Albany Saffran Composites and ArgenTech Solutions. I also liked the actual class. Learning about drones uses and laws & regulations while using drones of our own was incredible. Did you know that recreational drones cant fly higher than 400 feet in unrestricted airspace?

The orientation flights, in both the helicopter and airplane, were astounding! We even saw the town I live in! On the last day, people came by to talk about their careers in aviation. My favorite person there was Ray Chadwick. He was an engineer, and a pilot. He touched, tested and designed parts that went to the moon, and are still there today.

My instructor Karen Mitchell and camp director Dan Caron helped to opened more doors to other career paths for me. This is a great program!

Thank you so much!


Jules M

Dear Ms. Kelley,

Last week I went to the ACE Academy at Laconia Airport. It was the best summer camp I have ever been to! My favorite thing there was flying in the plane! I have been in a commercial jet before but not in a light aircraft. Also, being in the cockpit made it very different from being in a seat on a passenger plane looking out the window without anything running through my head. Thank you for making this experience possible for me to have! I will be there next year!

Thank you again, Wesley age 9


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