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Winni Womenade receives grant from Greater Lakes Region Children's Auction to help families

Winni Womenade receives $4,000 grant from the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction to help individuals and families living in the towns of Belmont, Tilton, Northfield, Sanbornton and Laconia get short-term financial assistance not readily available through other resources. The grant will be used to support children and families struggling to meet their basic and essential needs especially when other resources have been exhausted or do not exist.

One-hundred percent of all the grants and donations Winni Womenade receives goes right back into the community to help its neighbors in need. Winni Womenade only accepts requests for assistance from validators, which are people in the helping profession, such as social service agencies, doctor offices or schools. This helps legitimize the need and request. For more information visit

Full article at Laconia Daily Sun. Watch a short video to learn more about Winni Womenade


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