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Woodland Heights Elementary School helping the Auction

Ed Darling and Tony Felch visited Woodland Heights Elementary School to learn about what these amazing students were up to this year. Students in grades K-5 at Woodland Heights Elementary School look forward each year to earning and bringing in coins from home to add to their grade’s giant crayon shaped collection bank during the week leading up to the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction. They collected $563.09. A big congratulations and thanks to them!

This year the coin drive was held over 2 weeks because of hybrid scheduling. The coins for each grade level were counted and announced with grade one taking the prize for the highest total! Our kids love giving back to their community in many ways throughout the year but this tradition is on the top of the list.

Children in photo:(L-R) Connor Sullivan, Charles Frontiero, Abigail Rowson, Conor Donovan and teacher, Mary Vishton.


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