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Beetle Books Community Challenge Team is Hosting a Young Writers Reading on Thursday, Jan 25 at Patrick's Pub

Young creatives from the Kingswood Youth Center will take part in an open mic night sponsored by the Beetle Books challenge team on Thursday, Jan. 25, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., at Patrick’s Pub, in the Emerald Room. Come and listen to them talk about their work and get inspired. All are welcome. 

The young people all have artwork, a story or a poem published in the Beetle Books Challenge team’s 2023 volume of “It’s by the Kids: An anthology of children’s artwork and stories.”

Material ranges from vivid drawings, paintings and self-portraits to haikus, short stories and thought-provoking material by older writers.

Children who did not submit for the anthology this year may enjoy watching what could be possible for them next year!

The book is available for purchase and costs $12; residents of the Lakes Region can order by emailing Janice at to save on shipping costs. For those outside the region, order at All proceeds support the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction.


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