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Children's Auction Super Bidders never miss an item!

Interested community members can become a Super Bidder here!

For a donation of $100, you will be become a Super Bidder and get a look at the items on the auction boards as soon as they are available. Super bidders can: bid on items before they are open to the public; submit bids with incremental increases up to the bidders pre-chosen maximum; see how many bidders are also bidding on the item that they are interested in; enjoy VIP check-out and pick-up service; and be proud to support the children of the Lakes Region during an especially challenging year.

Interested community members can become a Super Bidder here!

“In past years, community members have mentioned that they would love to be able to have tools available so that they could spend less time babysitting the auction for the items that they most wanted to bid on,” said GLRCA chairperson Jaimie Sousa. “It will also give people an opportunity to donate directly to the auction to assist children in need while getting some great benefits.”

“I was thrilled to become a Super Bidder,” added Cindy Hemeon-Plessner, GLRCA board secretary and first official Super Bidder. “It was easy to sign up. I was able to support impressive local nonprofits, and now, I’ll be able to bid while I’m cooking dinner, in a meeting or going for a walk. I’m excited for the opportunity to be able to automatically bid often!”


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