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Get Stonyfield Yogurt Delivered to People Helping Others

We have yogurt, and we're here to help. Have you been inspired by someone lately? We sure have. And we want to hear more. Then thank them. Nominate a group of heroes in the fight against COVID-19, and we'll do our best to deliver them a supply of delicious, organic yogurt. Stonyfield Organic yogurt products are serving as fun snacks, cooking substitutes, and convenient nutrition as the nation's immune systems, energy levels, and morale are being tested in extraordinary ways. So let us treat a group that's inspired you, in the best way we can: free organic yogurt. NOTES:

  • Specific products and stock levels are subject to change.

  • Donation recipients must be able to receive, handle, and store perishable goods.

  • We are prioritizing requests for organizations whose goal is to address hunger and supply shortages. General donation requests can be submitted here.


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