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Looking for nonprofit professionals to join a powerful focus group

Help Us Uncover What Matters As this year revealed, outside influences bear tremendous impact upon a nonprofit’s goals, performance, and outcomes. Rapidly changing needs and objectives have set us all on our heels, trying to understand what is important, what is relevant, what is next? Since we exist to serve the sector, we thought the right thing to do now is to convene a FOCUS GROUP of nonprofit professionals and leaders to uncover the answers around support that is need in capacity building, gaps, and decision-making to sustain and grow your nonprofit in this environment. As leaders in providing support, we can only do what is needed, and to know what is needed we must ask. Your participation will not only inform and influence the sector, but will help your organization as well.

This year, we have been navigating so many new challenges and opportunities with you. And we have enjoyed being a source of support and help during this time. But what is important to you now? To better understand how we can serve what has changed, what has remained the same, and what new ideas have been formed, we are inviting twenty (20) individuals from the nonprofit sector to join us for 90-minutes in a virtual Focus Group. This focus group will be led by an independent facilitator who will guide the discussion with structured questions, some polling, and lots of feedback. With over 30 years of experience in leading nonprofits, we know time is a precious resource. And here we are asking for your time - in reading this, in applying to join, and in possibly participating in the focus group for 90-minutes. We don't take the sacrifice you make to help lightly. So we are offering all focus group participants a choice of one of the following support tools to help your organization see itself better, create strategy, and establish actions for growth:

  • A wealth screening of up to 100 donors in your database

  • A strategy session defining your virtual event

  • A board assessment with supporting recommendation

Building Diverse Voices To ensure a wide array of experiences, needs, and viewpoints we are asking those interested in participating in the focus group to take a selection survey. This survey will allow us to assemble a team of nonprofit leaders who will reveal insight and provide a diverse voice. We are seeking participants from nonprofit organizations who are Executive Directors, Managerial Staff, or Board Members, so feel free to share this information with your team.


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