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Sponsor Spotlight: Franklin Savings Bank

“The energy and the environment around The Children’s Auction are truly inspiring.” That’s the

impression left with Franklin Savings Bank’s Marketing and Community Engagement Officer,

Jennifer Prince, after working behind the scenes at The Greater Lakes Region Children’s

Auction. From the people volunteering their time to set up the bid boards, to the volunteers

building the television set, to the donor who crocheted blankets all winter to help her get over

her grief, Prince says the Auction impacts so many, and not just the families in need.


Franklin Savings Bank is approaching its second year as the Evening of Broadway Presenting

Sponsor. This Auction fundraiser is planned for August 14 at The Colonial Theatre and will offer

musical performances from local community theatre and dance groups. Prince loves seeing the

actors and dancers raising money to support children in need. “We are thrilled to support

the Lakes Region Children’s Auction’s vision to ensure every child is empowered to succeed.”


Franklin Savings Bank has been involved in various ways with the Auction over the years. In

2022, the bank presented the Auction with a $5,000 grant to improve the consistency of its

branding, logo and messaging. Prince says Franklin Savings Bank sees the domino effect a single sponsorship or donation can have on the life of someone who is struggling. “One donation to a local nonprofit can impact the lives of so many individuals,” comments Prince. It’s also amazing to witness the camaraderie that develops among volunteers at the Lakes Region Children’s Auction. It’s like we’re all in it together, because we truly want our communities to thrive.”


As far as the bank’s customers go, Prince describes the bank as being progressive, helping small

businesses establish themselves and grow. The bank’s development officers provide

connections within the community and sometimes help customers use technology in a new way

that the customer hadn’t thought of before.


Prince points out Franklin Savings Bank’s leaders live in the Lakes Region too and “we care

about our community and the people in it”.


The Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction thanks Franklin Savings Bank for its support.


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