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Sponsor Spotlight : Melcher & Prescott

Melcher & Prescott Insurance is a familiar name to anyone who lives in the Lakes Region. But what people might not know is how involved the agency is in the community.  President Bill Bald says community engagement is one of Melcher & Prescott’s core values. He feels it’s incumbent on local business owners to give as much of their time and talent as possible to make the community better for all.


Melcher & Prescott has had a Community Challenge Team since 2020 which raises money for the Children’s Auction throughout the year. Melcher & Prescott has also been a Children’s Auction Presentation Sponsor since 2023. Bald is impressed with the diversity of Auction volunteers. Often-times, clients of Children’s Auction-funded nonprofits volunteer with the Auction to give back and pay it forward. He says one doesn’t see such broad-based community support elsewhere.


Being an independent, locally-owned insurance agency is an advantage, Bald says. He points out decisions are made locally, not at a corporate office in another state. It offers flexibility in working with clients to be able to craft a solution in even the toughest situations. Established in 1862, Bald says part of the agency’s success comes down to a dedication to its clients and its employees. He prides himself and all employees on being accessible and accountable to their clients and dedicated to using their time and money to support community needs.


The Children’s Auction isn’t the only nonprofit that Melcher & Prescott supports. They donate to Belknap House and are part of a private/public partnership to rebuild Laconia’s playgrounds. Bald says when an agency like Melcher & Prescott dedicates itself to giving back to the community, it helps the community and its people flourish.


The Greater Lakes Region Auction thanks Melcher & Prescott Insurance for its support.



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