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Spotlight Sponsor: Granite State Glass

Pictured above: Artie Guilmett, a 25 year veteran of the Granite State Glass Team

“From day one, the focus has been on the customer”. Granite State Glass’ Marketing Director, Dave Ryan, explains he has seen that dedication to customer service for the 29 years he has been with the company. He explains customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of their success and drives every department of Granite State Glass. It surveys customers every month, grades itself, and shares the results internally with its team of over 250 professionals.


Ryan says all fifteen Granite State Glass locations are involved in supporting the communities they serve, but he says The Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction is a one-of-a-kind organization, the likes of which he hasn’t seen elsewhere. He likes the umbrella approach of the Auction which financially supports dozens of nonprofits which support families throughout the Lakes Region. He explains not only does that approach serve the sponsors well, but it benefits the nonprofits too, many of whom don’t have the time or money to fundraise on their own. 2024 will be the third consecutive year Granite State Glass has been a Countdown sponsor. They sponsor a multimedia campaign that begins 43 days prior to the Auction to raise awareness for the upcoming event, and Ryan says, also allows for Granite State Glass to partner with the event in a more meaningful manner.


Ryan says Granite State Glass offers the best in glass repair and replacement for its clients through a broad product line that includes residential, automotive and business glass services. Residential products include windows, doors, shower enclosures, mirrors, screens…almost anything that is glass. The Automotive Team provides insurance-approved glass repair and replacement to all types of vehicles in order to get clients back on the road fast. Granite State Glass serves its business clientele in various capacities including commercial entrances, storefronts and larger construction projects that can last for years from concept to completion.


The Greater Lakes Region Charitable Fund for Children (dba Children’s Auction ) thanks Granite State Glass for its ongoing support.


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