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The Janice Beetle Books Challenge team Unveils a New Book That is For and About Kids.

It's by the Kids: An anthology of children’s artwork and stories Volume Two

For the second year in a row, the Janice Beetle Books Challenge Team invited children in the Lakes Region to submit stories and artwork to be published in an anthology that will be sold to raise money for the Greater Lakes Region Children's Auction.

Children from preschool through grade 12 took part by submitting a typed, short story or poem and/or a drawing, illustration or sketch to Janice Beetle Books.

These material were compiled in an anthology called It’s by the Kids, which Is now available for sale. The book costs $12, and it’s available at; all proceeds support the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction. Material ranges from vivid artwork and self-portraits to haikus, short stories and thought-provoking material by older writers. The Beetle Books Challenge team is one of several dozen teams committed to raising money for the Children’s Auction, a nonprofit in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire that supports children and families in need. Learn more at It’s by the Kids will be published annually, and young writers and authors who wish to publish work in the 2024 edition can email Janice Beetle at for more information.


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