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The Lakers Leading the Way for New Community Challenge Teams!

The Lakers are one of the newest 2021 Challenge Teams raising much needed funds for the Children’s Auction. In December of 2020, The Lakers won the Rookie Top Dollar Award for highest amount donated by a first-year team.

Co-captain Ripley Forbes said the team was formed last year to encourage those who love Lake Winnipesaukee and its islands an opportunity to donate to support local programs caring for underserved kids. One motivation for forming the Lakers was to provide seasonal residents an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to investing in the community of the Lakes Region.

“There is an old and terribly false narrative that summer residents don’t care about local programs serving the most vulnerable,” Forbes said. “But in fact we have found a receptive audience of island and shorefront friends and family who generously support this important community cause.”

Holly Ruggieri, co-chair of this year’s 2021 Challenge with Allan Beetle, said it’s been encouraging to see how many new teams have joined the Community Challenge over the past year.

“The Lakers have been inspiring role models for our new teams,” Ruggieri said, “especially by showing that even if you can’t participate in our in-person events, you can still show your support through online fundraising.”

New teams vying for this year’s Rookie Top Dollar Award include Xavier Group, Auction Elves, Enlightened Wellness & Fitness, Cross Insurance, and the Laconia Police Department.

“We’re excited about this year’s crop of new teams,” said Ruggieri, “but there’s always room for more!”

Anyone interested in forming a fundraising team for the 2021 Challenge can find more information at


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