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Update from GOT LUNCH! Campton-Thornton

June 5 marked their 12th week of providing weekend bags of food to area families.  They have given away more than 410 bags of food since March 13, 2020; the last day the students were in school.  They are proud of this community and grateful for the financial support, food donations, offers to help, and words of encouragement.  They have been able to give local families with school aged children bags stuffed with peanut butter, jelly, tuna fish, canned chicken, mayonnaise, cereal, macaroni and cheese, soups, snacks, canned fruit, loaves of bread, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Additionally, they have been able to give the families weekly coupons redeemable for milk/eggs/cheese and occasional gift cards to local grocery stores.  Also, your donations have allowed them to do all of this without dipping into their summer program funds. AMAZING! 

They will continue to provide weekend bags until Friday June 26 as a supplement to the grab and go breakfast/lunch bags provided by area schools and Fresh Picks Café until Monday June 29.  They shared that their district, SAU 48, has done a great job ensuring that children had enough food to eat during the period of remote learning.

Summer Plans: Many have volunteered during our typical summer program in the past. This year, the dates will be Monday June 29 - Monday August 17. Their board is still working out the details, but if you want to help out on Monday mornings this summer, they will be sending out volunteer sign up information later this week. Email If you want to help.

Thanks to everyone! Continue to support your families, friends and local community organizations. 

PS. Their new address is P.O. Box 1129 Campton NH 03223


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