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Thank you from Step up Parents and the children they directly help!

Step Up Parents thanks you and they express their deepest appreciation for the support. They are 100% privately funded and rely solely on the generosity of our donors. Because of people like you, we have touched the lives of hundreds of kinship families.

Here are a few thank you’s from their families!

From a grandmother - Step Up Parents helped with bunk beds for her grandson: “Unbelievable how happy your organization helped make our grandson!!! And his sister when she comes visit. We have full guardianship of him now. He’s six, so he will have a lot of years to enjoy his new bunk bed. Again I can’t thank all of you enough.

From a grandmother who adopted her two teenage granddaughters. Step Up Parents helped with the cost of summer camp:“I am not able to be a true grandparent to my granddaughters (adopted) and have had to unexpectedly divert all funds and energy to their needs. So rewarding but yet so difficult. The history of my girls’ biological parents is awful - including serious substance abuse and mental health issues. It certainly has not been an easy road but very rewarding! Camp Coniston offers a fun and enriching opportunity for independent growth and relationship building - we are so very grateful for what your organization does to help make it possible for my granddaughters and others.”


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